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RoSQL for Android
SQL Worksheet and Query Client for Oracle / MySQL and MSSQL Databases

MSSQL is only implemented for Android 5 and higher, not for Android 4.4.
This app should be used in a secure network like a vpn network or a local secured network, because the traffic isn't encrypted !

There is a problem (ORA-12705) with NLS (Oracle and thin client) for some countries. if your phone or tablet has a language (for example Cyrillic) , that is not supported, you can try to change the locale in the settings-window to "US" (checkbox for a US default connection). it seems to be a oracle express problem, on tests with oracle standard/enterprise databases i do not have this connect errors.

this oracle sql client uses a direct thin v8 connection  for Android 4.4 nd lower and a direct thin v11 connection for android 5  and higher to your database ! if  your db-admin doesn't allow you direct thin connections (v8 or v11)  from a Client, this app can't connect to your oracle database !
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© 2013-2021 by Robro,
Bavaria, Germany
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This app was developed as a private tool for accessing databases from Android devices.
Primarily, the development was designed for Oracle databases.
It is provided free of charge and does not claim to compete with professional tools.
No warranty is provided for any damage that may result from the handling of this app.
The use of this app is at your own risk.

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